There are many styles of woman's dance shoes that GFranco designs and offers for practice, performance and social dancing. We focus on woman's Latin dance shoes or also commonly referred to as Salsa shoes. Woman’s dance shoes that are open toed are primarily designed as Latin dance shoes for Salsa or Bachata and ballroom. We use special insoles which make them the most comfortable woman's dance shoes you will ever wear for dancing. GFranco’s ladies' dance shoes are made of the highest quality material. You will find a wide selection of woman's Salsa dance shoes fit for all occasions.

Our woman’s practice dance shoes are designed with special insoles that make them the most comfortable styles of ladies' dance shoes. The insole of our practice dance shoes are thick while firm to provide the ultimate cushion but also allows the dancer to “feel” the dance floor. Practice dance shoes should feel similar to dancing in one's bare feet.  While other brands of woman's practice dance shoes may achieve this, there is minimal padding in the insole of the other brands.

Buy your woman's Salsa shoes online and at GFranco physical locations where you will find the widest selection of woman's Latin dance shoes.