Shoe Sizing


Generally, new dance shoes must fit very snug to allow for stretching. Depending on the material used to construct a shoe, shoes may stretch up to one half size wider.  Dance shoes should feel tight after the shoes stretch to limit the movement of one's foot within the shoe when dancing.   

Additionally for Women's shoes, the foot recedes into the shoes when pointing so the tip of the toes should be at the tip of the shoe, and it is acceptable to have one's toes slightly extending over the front of the shoe.  As long as you can still see the top of the insole when you are pointing your toes, the shoe is a good fit in terms of length.     


GFranco Danceflats should fit tightly around all sides of the foot and toes to limit movement and to assure the Danceflats do not slip off the heel while dancing.  


GFranco Shoes are sized to United States street shoe sizing (true to size). You should order the same size you wear in street shoes.  Typically, there is no need to select a half size smaller, which may be the case with other brands of dance shoes.  While the length is equivalent to US shoe sizing, the width may vary from model to model.  Unless otherwise stated in the description of the product, the width is standard (not narrow or wide).

 Wide / Narrow Feet

GFranco Shoes presently offers one model, the SOL in wide or narrow sizes.  While the the following models are considered a standard fit, these tend to fit as specified:

Women's Models - 

  • Paris - open lacing permits tighter or looser fit.

For very narrow feet, the half insert helps to raise the foot in the front part of the shoe for a tighter fit.  

Men's Models - 

Slightly wider feet: 

  • Boston - This cut is slightly wider at the front sides than other styles. 
  • MilanThis cut is slightly wider at the front sides than other styles.
  • Standard Flex - Fabric of this style permits greater stretch for a slightly wider fit.

Men's to Women's sizing conversion

While some models are categorized as in the men's style shoes, they may be worn by women.  Popular men's categorized models for women include the following:

To convert from men's to women's sizing or from EU to US sizes, use the following sizing chart*:  Each product page also features a button the left of the screen that will display a sizing chart for lenghth as well as a conversion chart.  

GFranco Shoe Sizing Conversion

*GFranco shoes are manufactured in US sizing and NOT European sizing. Therefore, the conversion chart is only an estimated reference. Sizes may have slight variations in the conversion.