Application for Team Purchase Discount

GFranco Shoes offers discounts to teams who frequently order shoes for specific choreograph.
The amount of the discount depends on the number of shoes that will be purchased in one transaction. The discount levels are as follows:

5-10 Pairs of Shoes/Apparel = 10%
11-15 Pairs of Shoes/Apparel = 15%
16 or more Pairs of Shoes/Apparel = 20%

The following restrictions and rules apply:

1. Orders must be placed by the Director of the team under the Director’s own online account.
2. Discount may not be transferred to another team or non-team member.
3. Orders must consist of the same style of men's shoe or apparel for men and the same style of woman's shoe or apparel for women.
4. Discount only applies to shoes and performance wear and not for other products.
5. Shoes cannot be purchased for non-team members at the discounted price.
6. Discounts only apply to online purchases.  Under certain conditions, pick up of items at a GFranco location may be arranged to avoid postage.  Ask for detals. 
7. Shipping fees apply and do not qualify for discounts.

To apply for a team discount, please complete the form below. Upon review of the application, a representative will email you to inform you whether your application is approved.  if approved, you will be emailed a discount code to place your online shoe order.