Double Sided Clothing Tape
Double Sided Clothing Tape

Double Sided Clothing Tape

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Double-stick tape made in collaboration with 5 time world champion Karen Forcano for securing your clothing/costume on your body where needed.  



Applying Tape

 Please read the Warning and Disclaimer completely before applying this tape.

Wash and dry the area of your skin that you desire to apply tape.  Remove the desired length of tape from the roll.  Press the sticky side of the tape onto the desired area of the clothing.  Remove the  paper backing from the tape and press the area of the clothing with the tape firmly to the desired area of your skin.

Removing Tape

It is recommended that this tape NOT be worn on your skin for more than 12 hours at a time.

To remove, SLOWLY lift your clothing near the area where the tape is applied away from your skin.  The tape should remain stuck to the clothing.  Should the clothing lift away from the tape instead of your skin, after clothing is removed, lift the tape from the skin SLOWLY.  Baby oil may be applied to the tape if you encounter any resistance during the removal of the tape from the skin.

The tape should be immediately removed from your clothing after intended use, and specifically before washing or ironing the clothing.


This product is comprised of Resin, Rosin and rubber oil.